Financial Competence LLC

Financial Competence offers expertise for business growth and development. Our main focus is to help companies find and reach suitable financing. From the financier's point of view, Financial Competence is an excellent channel for deal flow, i.e. a channel to find financing targets that match perfectly with the financier's search criteria. Deal flow services is hence the collective term we use for our services towards financiers.


Substantial added value for financiers and companies seeking finance

Corporate clients who have previously managed without our assistance, typically reason that the key advantages of our services are increased hit rates, improved predictability, smoother processes and faster results. As a matter of fact, more or less the same notions we get from the financiers that have experienced of our deal flow services. 

The key to all this is that we understand what financiers want and need, just as deeply as we understand the needs and goals of the companies seeking finance. We understand that each professional and successful financing company has its own unique strategy, unique selection of scoring methods, and a unique set of services, features and benefits in their offerings.

We understand that these financier-specific dimensions are dynamic and continuously evolving and that we therefore need to update our knowledge continuously. Financing companies who have gained experience of our services, appreciate that we can offer a valuable addition to their deal flow, and the more they have educated us about their strategy, scoring criteria and financing services, the higher have the hit rates become, which benefits all parties involved.

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